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August Promotion - Woodchester Valley Orpheus Bacchus 2017

We’re celebrating Summer with our biggest Wine of the Month offer yet! For the month of August, you can pick up 6 bottles of the 2017 Orpheus Bacchus for the price of 5, saving £14.95 a case.


The wine:

The Orpheus Bacchus is a limited release wine made from 100% Bacchus grapes, sourced from select plots of our 55-acre estate. The result is a unique and sophisticated expression of the Bacchus grape: crisp, zesty and refreshing but with great depth of flavour and length of finish. It’s a more refined and mineral take on the regular Bacchus, with hints of soft white fruits (pear and melon) to complement the citrus, elderflower and tropical notes. The wine has a steely texture which adds to the overall body of the wine.

The Orpheus Bacchus is an ideal pairing for all manner of seafood, from meaty fish dishes, to shellfish, to mussels... even better if the fish is grilled on the barbecue! If seafood isn’t your thing, then try this with grilled chicken or slow-roasted pork belly.



What makes the Orpheus Bacchus?

Taking its name from the Greek musician and poet Orpheus (who is the subject of the Roman mosaic in Woodchester), the Orpheus Bacchus is is a limited edition wine from select parcels of our vineyards. All our Bacchus grapes are harvested by hand and gently pressed in what’s known as a ‘hyper reductive environment’. This involves displacing the air inside the press with nitrogen gas, which is completely inert and prevents any deterioration of the juice through oxidation. The juice from each parcel of grapes is fermented in separate tanks. Each tank is tasted individually after fermentation so that our winemaker can decide whether it is destined for the Bacchus, the Culver Hill or the Orpheus Bacchus. In 2017, a particularly small volume of Orpheus Bacchus was made, from Amberley and Woodchester grapes.


If you’ve not tried this wine before then visit the Cellar Door for a taste, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Woodchester Valley Orpheus Bacchus 2017, £14.95 a bottle.

Offer price (case of 6): £74.75 Save £14.95






Call 07710 605558 or visit the Cellar Door shop (GL5 5EY)

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