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Woodchester Rosé 2017 in July on special offer!

The sun is shining as it looks like summer is finally here. That can only mean one’s time to crack open the rosé! We’re making our Rosé 2017 the Wine of the Month for July, so you can stock up for the long sunny evenings ahead at 6 bottles for the price of 5.


Our Rosé 2017 is the perfect tipple for sipping in the sunshine or for pairing with a good barbecue. It’s a solid favourite amongst many of you who know our wines because it’s delightfully refreshing and brimming with character. At 6 bottles for the price of 5, it’s one not to be missed. This offer is only available while stocks last so order yours online or visit the Cellar Door before it’s all gone!


The wine:

We too often assume that darker rosé wines are always sweeter than pale ones. Whilst this isn’t a bad rule of thumb to go by when picking up a bottle from the supermarket or grabbing a glass in a bar, it’s not always true. Our Rosé 2017 is an excellent example of an exception to this rule: vibrantly coloured with hues of crimson but deliciously dry and refreshing on the palate. The deep colour is a product of the intense pigmentation of the Regent grape skins. The wine is full-bodied and bursting with ripe red berry & cherry aromas; like strawberries & cream in a glass (, anyone?) The finish is crisp and refreshing which makes the wine very easy to drink. Wine writer Matthew Jukes called this wine a “beauty which I would demolish a glass of” in an article for Vineyard magazine. What more is there to say?!



The grape:

This wine is made from 100% Regent grapes; a specialised variety for cool climate winemaking. It’s a lesser known grape which was first created in 1967 and is now cultivated in areas of Germany, Belgium and North America (namely in Oregon, New York State and parts of Canada). It’s also growing in popularity amongst English winemakers, not only for its resistance to vineyard diseases and its suitability to ripening in our climate, but also for the vibrantly fruity wines it produces.


Availability is extremely limited! If you’ve not tried this wine before then visit the Cellar Door for a taste, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Woodchester Valley Rosé 2017, £11.50 a bottle. Offer price (case of 6): £57.50 Save £11.50


Call 07710 605558 or visit the Cellar Door shop (GL5 5EY)

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