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Madeleine Sylvaner

Madeleine Sylvanier

Madeleine Sylvaner is one of the most popular, edible White grapes at the moment and is the ideal companion for Boskoop Glory (Red). This popular variety thrive in the UK (except in extreme conditions) can even be grown in greenhouses. When grown outdoors they prefer a sheltered spot in a south facing location and have a climbing habit by their very nature.


Madeleine Sylvanier

UK Area in production 2015: 

0.71 Hectares

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Northernmost Vineyard Growing Madeleine Sylvaner in UK & Eire


Lincoln Vineyard

Lincoln LN2 1PU
Phone: 01522 527 468
53° 14' 0.132" N

Largest Vineyard Growing Madeleine Sylvaner in UK & Eire

Ludlow Vineyard

Craven Arms SY7 9DT
Phone: 01584 823356

Madeleine Sylvaner Where?

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