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Spring is in the air!

Winter sunshine over the vineyard
Penn Croft Vineyard

Slowly but surely Lockdown 3.0 is starting to ease so...

As Lockdown restrictions start to ease we are now able to start looking forward to our vineyard tours beginning!
We have been busy putting an itinerary together and visualising how our tours might look!

As February closes and we anticipate slightly warmer weather, we have been opening the doors to the winery and letting a bit of that early spring sunshine in, and how a bit of sunshine lifts the spirits, still in lockdown, we are all waiting to be let out and run loose, but despite lockdown, we can consider ourselves some of the lucky ones, we haven't been locked in our houses and flats, we have had the privilege of that cold air on our faces as we worked hard in the cold pruning.
With Pruning nearly over in our five vineyards, we take a break and put our concentration back into the winery and get ready for bottling, but with crossed fingers as April will approach faster than we think and we Wizz through March, we pray for the frosts this year NOT to come, with many vineyards having been badly damaged by just 3 nights of frost last year, we keep our fingers crossed for a frost free 2021.
The Itasca team are delighted that new customers are knocking on our doors and new relationships developing, my closing thoughts are, how lucky I am to have entered such a great industry and I’m always amazed how friendly everyone I meet in the wine industry is, worldwide everyone is so friendly and even as competitors they will help other winemakers, a lot of other industries could learn a lot from the wine trade.
I wish everyone a frost free 2021 and let the buds burst.

Date Posted: 

Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 11:45

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