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Unlock at Oatley.

Woohoo!! We’re opening May 1 and you can now book online. Sooo looking forward to sharing Oatley again! Picnics, children and dogs VERY welcome. A great way to meet up with family and friends outside in safety and enjoy something normal, like tasting delicious dry white wines and lingering over a leisurely picnic in the Somerset countryside.

For now, so as to be really Covid-secure, all visits must be pre-booked and we’ll be welcoming just one party at a time. Iain and I are lucky enough to have had our first jab, and by then should have had our second, but of course we’re still being very cautious to keep everyone safe when they come. Details on our Visit Page where you can check availability and book

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 10:00

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