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Vinography Tasting Box | £99

Vinography represents a journal kept by both nature and winemaker on the Benguela Cove Wine Estate where they join forces in showcasing the essence of a place.

Each element, nuance and decision from vine to cellar became instrumental in telling the story of a vintage. This range serves as an ode to our journey to learn and to discover the vines that were planted in virgin soil and to continue our commitment to excellence.

  • Vinography Sauvignon Blanc 2018 - fruit is the hero, honoured by the smart use of oak. Tasting Notes.
  • Vinography Chardonnay 2018 - stately and profound, the fruit purity is perfectly balanced. Tasting Notes.
  • Vinography Petit Verdot 2017 - this wine is the epitome of class. Tasting Notes.


Free delivery included.

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