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The Great British Vineyards Guide to Cork & Closures


Established in the UK since 1978 and with very close connections in Portugal, PCS are able to supply or manufacture most types of cork closure in any grade or quantity, together with technical advice. Their cork stoppers are from high quality manufacturers using the latest techniques to minimise taint. Complementary products that they supply are PVC shrink capsules, foil capsules and hand corking machines. They also supply many other specialised cork products.

Product Categories: 

Corking machines


Rankin Brothers & Sons is an independent family managed business supplying cork & closures and merchandising products to the packaging industries at home and abroad. Founded in 1774 the Company has a long and proud association with beers, wines and spirits industries

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Corks & Wine Bottle Closures

Bruni Erben

Supporting you from start to finish with corks, capsules, aluminium screw caps, wire hoods, sparkling wine foils and glass bottles. Our range is complemented by oenological products and filling & capping machinery.

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bar tops
aluminium screw caps
crown caps
sparkling wine foils
swing stoppers
glass bottles
ceramic bottles