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The Great British Vineyards Guide to Vines


Founded in 1895, Pepinières Guillaume (nursery), established in the Bourgogne-Franche Comté region of France, have been classed leaders in the vine growers market for 5 generations. This family business develops its activities relying exclusively on 2 key words : quality and innovation.

A major player on the national and international level, Pépinières Guillaume offers a very wide choice of rootstocks and scions (standard material and certified material) in order to correspond to the objectives of your oenological project and to meet the agronomic requirements of your terroir.

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Winegrowers Supplies

Winegrowers Supplies - since 1985, selling grafted vines and equipment for viticulture, winemaking, apple milling / pressing, distilling and brewing.

Providing free advice, accurate information on vine varieties and clones, and on rootstocks. About planting a vineyard and training the vines, also complete procedures for wine making.

Supplying the optimum equipment for winemaking, cider and juice production, distilling and brewing.

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Grafted vines for sale
Viticultural accessories and vineyard equipment
Equipment for wine making, distilling, cider and juice production