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Angels 340

A deep red, gently sparking wine with a nose of rich blackcurrants and flavours of cranberry and pomegranite.

Angels 340 is a light, fresh wine – at first surprising for a wine of such a deep, ruby red colour.  The delicate bubbles can hardly be seen in the glass but rise with finesse throughout while each mouthful seems to bring a new taste to the equation!

Produced from Rondo grapes harvested in 2015 from the most easterly and westerly boundaries of All Angels first vineyard at Church Farm, the pressed juice has laid in wait, maturing until the time was right, to be bottled in 2020 and released in 2021.

Angels 340 is so called as we produced only 340 bottles from the vineyard at our farm established over 340 years ago. 

ABV of 12% and a residual sugar level of just 4g / L.

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Grape Variety(ies): 


Wine Type: 

Sparkling red




£30.00 Per bottle

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