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'Col Fondo' 2018 Sparkling

This is our sparkling 'Col Fondo 2018'

Fermented spontaneously (no yeast added) from our single vintage organic Phoenix grapes grown here on the Jurassic Coast.

In May 2019 we added 10 grams of sugar per litre and bottled and beer capped the wine:

The second in bottle fermentation gives this natural wine frizzante 'Little' bubbles with a complexity of honeysuckle, peach and nutmeg, a fresh lime acidity and an elderflower finish. The perfect drink to remind you of a Dorset summer!


Col Fondo is a traditional Italian natural re-fermentation process in bottle: 'Con il Fondo' translates literally to 'with the bottom' meaning sediment or lees is present; so if this bottle has been travelling stand it and let it rest a while before opening


Little Waddon

Grape Variety(ies): 


Wine Type: 

Sparkling white




£19.00 Per bottle

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