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Nania's Vineyard

We are a drinks company born out of, and inspired by, our small urban vineyard on our allotment in central Bristol. We planted just 30 vines back in 2017 and while our first vintage was fermenting last year (strictly for our personal stash!) much bigger ideas were brewing. We bought a truckload of English grapes from a lovely little vineyard in sunny Essex (Sandyford Vineyard) and have produced a fine rosé wine which we've blended into a Spritzer.


The Allotment Vineyard Bristol BS6 5EG
Phone: 07801 287924


Wine Type: 

Still rose

Grape Varieties: 


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Nania's Vineyard

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Distance: 2.15 mi
Distance: 4.54 mi
Distance: 6.98 mi
Distance: 7.89 mi