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The Great British Vineyards Guide to Vineyard Consultancy

The Vine House

The Vine House UK Ltd is a specialist supplier of top quality grafted grapevines to a wide range of customers in the U.K. We import vines for all sizes of vineyard with special help for those just starting. All our vines are plant passported and sourced from our trusted growers in Germany, Luxembourg and the major vineyard areas of France, especially Burgundy and Champagne.


  • We can supply vines nationwide in the UK
  • Special help for those just starting
  • Vines are priced in £ sterling removing the worry of currency fluctuations helping you plan large vineyard projects.
  • Our warehouse

Product Categories: 

Vineyard Planting
Vineyard Supplies


We are a first class business and property management consultancy. We provide the complete management of property, estates, land and the environment – skilful management of your asset in all its forms.

Changing weather patterns are increasing the area of land potentially suitable for vines and, with British winemakers winning acclaim on the world stage, demand for their products is rising. Farmers, landowners and entrepreneurs are recognising the opportunities that grape-growing and winemaking can bring to complement traditional agricultural and estate incomes.

Now could be the perfect time

Product Categories: 

Site identification and acquisition
Planning applications (general-purpose buildings, wineries and tourism-related facilities)
Leases and joint ventures
Buildings, wineries and infrastructure
Business plans and structure
Pre-planting site preparation

Vine Care UK

With many years' experience working in English vineyards our team brings with them not only the essential skills required but a first class work ethic that's second to none – as clients will testify!

Product Categories: 

Vineyard consulting and management
Vineyard Planting
Trellis installation and repair
Tractor drivers and machine operators
Spray operators
Tying down
Bud rubbing
Canopy management
Grape picking