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The Great British Vineyards Guide to Wire Posts and Trellising

Winegrowers Supplies

Winegrowers Supplies - since 1985, selling grafted vines and equipment for viticulture, winemaking, apple milling / pressing, distilling and brewing.

Providing free advice, accurate information on vine varieties and clones, and on rootstocks. About planting a vineyard and training the vines, also complete procedures for wine making.

Supplying the optimum equipment for winemaking, cider and juice production, distilling and brewing.



Product Categories: 

Grafted vines for sale
Viticultural accessories and vineyard equipment
Equipment for wine making, distilling, cider and juice production
Planting a Vineyard

The Vine House

The Vine House UK Ltd is a specialist supplier of top quality grafted grapevines to a wide range of customers in the U.K. We import vines for all sizes of vineyard with special help for those just starting. All our vines are plant passported and sourced from our trusted growers in Germany, Luxembourg and the major vineyard areas of France, especially Burgundy and Champagne.


  • We can supply vines nationwide in the UK
  • Special help for those just starting
  • Vines are priced in £ sterling removing the worry of currency fluctuations helping you plan large vineyard projects.
  • Our warehouse

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Vineyard Planting
Vineyard Supplies

RGH Supplies Ltd

R.G.H Supplies Ltd stock an extensive range of agricultural products and fencing materials (Agricultural to Domestic), Metal & Wooden Gates, Harvest Products, Fuel Tanks, Drainage Products, Agricultural Equipment & Sundries.

General Information

Fence panels, closeboard, timber, metal & security fencing, garden edging, stock fencing, creosote, wood stain, driveway & field gates, silage sheets, water troughs, feed troughs, gate furniture, softwood, hardwood, electric fencing, railway sleepers, concrete, chestnut, plasson, draper tools, irwin tools, 24/7 lighting products, mag flakes, stretch

Product Categories: 

Timber Posts
Trellis Wire
Deer Netting
Rabbit Wire

Vineyard Supplies

Vineyard Supplies (part of GT Products) is a family-run business based near Arundel in Sussex. We have been supplying vineyards, fruit growers and horticultural businesses with a wide range of products since 1990. We pride ourselves on building a relationship with our customers who have continued to look to us to supply their needs over the years.


Product Categories: 

Posts, wire, Anchors
Trellising accessories
Tying materials & Tools
Biodegradable foliage clips
Other consumables

Vine Care UK

With many years' experience working in English vineyards our team brings with them not only the essential skills required but a first class work ethic that's second to none – as clients will testify!

Product Categories: 

Vineyard consulting and management
Vineyard Planting
Trellis installation and repair
Tractor drivers and machine operators
Spray operators
Tying down
Bud rubbing
Canopy management
Grape picking