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The Great British Vineyards Guide to Pruning Equipment

Kirkland UK


For over 20 years our aim is to provide our customers with products and services that enable discerning fruit growers to keep one step ahead and ‘grow’ in an ever challenging environment. In other words: for growers we are making fruit growing easier…

As part of our commitment to growers we are located in a premises where we are surrounded by orchards & vineyards. This means you can view and try out our machinery range in a ‘real life’ situation as well as see our exclusive new products in our brand new showroom.

Product Categories: 

Vineyard Tractors
Pruning Equipment
Mini Balers
Multi-purpose Loaders
Tailor-Made Machines
Parts & Service

Vine Care UK

With many years' experience working in English vineyards our team brings with them not only the essential skills required but a first class work ethic that's second to none – as clients will testify!

Product Categories: 

Vineyard consulting and management
Vineyard Planting
Trellis installation and repair
Tractor drivers and machine operators
Spray operators
Tying down
Bud rubbing
Canopy management
Grape picking


Agricare are the leading suppliers of specialist products to fruit growers in the UK - including soft fruit, top fruit and vineyards.

Based in Kent since 1995, the Company has grown considerably to supply farmers and fruit growers across the UK, and globally, with an ever increasing selection of specialist products including pruning, planting, harvesting and irrigation products.

Product Categories: 

Vine prunng

Bellota Cordless Pruners.

Cordless Electric Secateurs with impressive performance suited to medium to large pruning applications. Ideal for pruning fruit trees and vineyards, estate maintenance, arboriculturalists, etc. There are no wired connections as the batteries plug directly into the end of the handset.

There are 2 different sized models available:- -

EPR132P - cuts up to a maximum of 32mm diameter. -

EPR137P - cuts up to a maximum of 37mm diameter.

Castellari Ergonomic Curved Anvil Secateur

The Castellari anvil secateurs are unlike other anvil secateurs as the anvil is curved rather than straight. The curved anvil holds the branch like bypass secateurs whilst giving all the benefits of an anvil cut. Ergonomic handles and an angled cutting head provide a very comfortable user experience. Features include: ergonomic and aluminium handles. - Length 210mm, Weight 215g, Cutting diameter 25mm