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U.K. Vineyards are now home to over sixty varieties of grapevines. From the Channel Islands to the Outer Hebrides, see who is growing which varieties


Acolon Acolon is a German wine grape variety, a cross between Blauer Lemberger (Blaufränkisch) and Dornfelder.
UK Area in production 2015 7.445 Hectares
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Albalonga Albalonga is a white German wine grape variety that is a crossing between Rieslaner and Müller-Thurgau. It is grown primarily in the Rheinhessen where, in favorable vintages, it can produce wines up to auslese-level sweetness. However, the variety is prone to various grape rots which can make viticulture difficult for the variety.
UK Area in production 2015 0.09 Hectares
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Albarino Albariño is a variety of white wine grape grown in Galicia(northwest Spain), Monção and Melgaço (northwest Portugal), where it is used to make varietal white wines. Albariño is the Galicianname for the grape; in Portugal it is known as Alvarinho, and sometimes as Cainho Branco
UK Area in production 2015 1.355 Hectares
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Auxerrois Auxerrois blanc or Auxerrois Blanc de Laquenexy is a white wine grape that is important in Alsace, and is also grown in Germany and Luxembourg. It is a full sibling of Chardonnay that is often blended with the similar Pinot blanc.
UK Area in production 2015 7.23 Hectares
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Bacchus The Bacchus is a white wine grape created by viticulturalist Peter Morio at the Geilweilerhof Institute for Grape Breeding in the Palatinate in 1933. He crossed a Silvaner x Riesling cross with Müller-Thurgau.
UK Area in production 2015 128.52 Hectares
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Barbera Barbera is a red Italian wine grape variety that, as of 2000, was the third most-planted red grape variety in Italy (after Sangiovese and Montepulciano). It produces good yields and is known for deep color, low tannins and high levels of acid.
UK Area in production 2015 unknown
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Bianca Bianca is a white Hungarian wine grape variety that was developed in 1963 in the Eger wine region of northeast Hungary. The grape is a hybrid crossing of Bouvier and Eger 2 (an offspring of Villard blanc). The grape was officially register for use in wine production in 1982 and today is used to make a wide assortment of wines from dry varietals to sweet dessert wines. Bianca is growing in popularity among organic vineyards due to its natural high resistance to many fungal diseases that affect grapevines
UK Area in production 2015 unknown
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Black Hamburg

Black Hamburg Large, thin skinned, black fruits have a gorgeously sweet flavour.... Originating from Germany where it is known as Trollinger,
UK Area in production 2015 0.01 Hectares
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Blauer Portugieser

Blauer Portugieser Blauer Portugieser is a red Austrian, Slovenian wine and German wine grape found primarily in the Rheinhessen, Pfalz and wine regions of Lower Austria and Slovenia
UK Area in production 2015 unknown
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Bolero Mother: Gm 6427-5 (Rotberger x Reichensteiner) Father: Chancellor (Seibel 7053) A red Piwi/disease-resistant variety.
UK Area in production 2015 Unknown
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