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The Great British Vineyards Guide to Contract Winemaking

Litmus Wines

Litmus Wines is in the business of making great wines and helping others do the same.

We do this by being a wine producer, wine business consultancy, wine importer and distributor of wine and biotechnical products for the wine and cider industries.

Product Categories: 

Contract Winemaking

Defined Wine Ltd

We are a contract only winery; we do not have our own vines or brands, so everything we do is about adding value for our clients. We are totally focussed on supporting our clients and working with them to define their style of wine and involving them (as they want) in winemaking decisions.

Hence the name: "Defined wine"


Product Categories: 

Contract Winemaking
Wine storage, riddling and disgorging
Marketing support

Itasca Wines

In 2018 the UK enjoyed a bumper harvest of grapes. This would normally be great news, but the shortage of wineries and storage facilities has caused growers and producers a problem, with many not sure what to do with the fruit of this year’s harvest. Penn Croft winery will initially cover 1,000 square metres and offer a “vineyard to glass” service incorporating pressing and processing, bottling, riddling, disgorging, labelling and packaging.

Product Categories: 

Contract Winemaking