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The Great British Vineyards Guide to Sprayers

Vitifruit Equipment

Vitifruit Equipment provides solutions,machinery and customer service to the Vineyard and Fruit Industry in the UK in order to reduce customer production costs and increase quality, yield and profitabilty.

Product Categories: 

Tunnel Sprayers
Weed & Herbicide Sprayers
Inter Vine Cultivators
Rotary & Flail Mowers
Stockmayer Vine Trimmers
Vineyard Leaf Remover

Micron Sprayers Ltd

Manufacturers of specialist CDA ground and aerial spraying equipment for agricultural and horticultural applications, fruit and vines, turf, amenity, forestry, migrant pest control and environmental and animal health.

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Kirkland UK


For over 20 years our aim is to provide our customers with products and services that enable discerning fruit growers to keep one step ahead and ‘grow’ in an ever challenging environment. In other words: for growers we are making fruit growing easier…

As part of our commitment to growers we are located in a premises where we are surrounded by orchards & vineyards. This means you can view and try out our machinery range in a ‘real life’ situation as well as see our exclusive new products in our brand new showroom.

Product Categories: 

Vineyard Tractors
Pruning Equipment
Mini Balers
Multi-purpose Loaders
Tailor-Made Machines
Parts & Service

Berthoud Sprayers

BERTHOUD : working with the grower and contractor

We are dedicated to caring for and protecting your crops to produce a better quality of food. In today’s world, with its growing population and yet finite acreage available for farming, the crop sprayer is an essential tool to aid farmers achieve this goal.

BERTHOUD has been innovating for over 100 years to provide our customers with accurate, reliable, high-performance crop sprayers.

Product Categories: 

Berthoud sprayers
Crop management

ArborAgri Ltd

After many years selling all types of flail mowers all over the world, Andrew Holbrow has teamed up with Colin Powell to form ArborAgri Ltd. The team has a vast level of experience and plan to promote, among other, the extensive range of Seppi M. mulchers and Moreni Power Harrows.

Product Categories: 

Seppi M. mulchers
Moreni Power Harrows