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Pinot blanc

Pinot blanc is a white wine grape. It is a point genetic mutation of Pinot noir. Pinot noir is genetically unstable and will occasionally experience a point mutation in which a vine bears all black fruit except for one cane which produces white fruit.


Fehér Burgundi
Pinot bianco
Rulandské bílé
Rulandské biele
Bijeli pinot
Бели пино
бели бургундац
пино блан

UK Area in production 2015: 

20.913 Hectares

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Northernmost Vineyard Growing Pinot Blanc in UK & Eire


Flint Vineyard

Flint Vineyard Bungay NR35 2AH
Phone: 01986 893 209 / 07811 177 734
52° 27' 0.9864" N

Largest Vineyard Growing Pinot Blanc in UK & Eire

Rathfinny Estate

Polegate BN26 5TU
Phone: +44 (0)1323 871 031
East Sussex

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