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Kirkland UK


For over 20 years our aim is to provide our customers with products and services that enable discerning fruit growers to keep one step ahead and ‘grow’ in an ever challenging environment. In other words: for growers we are making fruit growing easier…

As part of our commitment to growers we are located in a premises where we are surrounded by orchards & vineyards. This means you can view and try out our machinery range in a ‘real life’ situation as well as see our exclusive new products in our brand new showroom.  We continue to support the UK farming industry and are dedicated to driving your growth.

Supplying Antonio Carraro Compact Tractors, Orizzonti Cultivation & Pruning Equipment, Sprayers and Harvesting Machines to name just a few - we are growing in size and stock, year on year!

Great reasons to choose Kirkland UK:

  • Extensive Product Range

  • Technical Service and Repair Team

  • Exceptional Customer Service

  • Customer Showroom

  • Ongoing product development

  • Exclusive Own Brands

  • Expert Product Knowledge

For all Vineyard enquries, please contact Ben Devine on 01622 843013 or email


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Griffins Farm Maidstone ME17 3NW
Phone: 01622 843013

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Orizzonti Vine Trimmer - Kirkland UK Vineyard Equipment

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Kirkland UK

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