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Easy Petrol Post Driver

The EASY PETROL POST DRIVER is Portable, Lightweight & Powerful. Manufactured and Invented by Christie Engineering of Australia. Easy Petrol Post Driver are the UK & European Distributors. Priced from £1525 + VAT, this revolutionary machine replaces hard manual labour.

BENEFITS Portable – No pipes and generators needed Lightweight, only 15.3kg Ideal for steep ground and inaccessible locations. Physically less demanding than traditional methods. Can be used all day without operator fatigue.

APPLICATIONS Any shape & size up to 100mm diameter Fencing – Timber and Angle Iron Posts. Landscaping – Tree Stakes. Nurseries – Tree and plant support. Vineyards – mid posts and steep hillsides. Farming – Sheep and cattle fencing. Construction – Temporary fencing/shuttering/ground pinning. Contractors – Tent Stakes/Ground Anchors/Signage Festival/Fair Organisers – Signage/Temporary fencing


Landscape Contractors Tree Planting Contractors Fencing Contractors Tree Nurseries Vineyards Farmers Local Authorities Building Contractors Marquee Companies Festival Organisers Country Fair Organisers Country Estates Forestry Commissions

FEATURES Portable; Weight in at just 15.3 kg allowing many hours of fatigue free operation. Built for performance. The power plant is the ultra reliable 4 Stroke Honda GX35 1.0kW motor including 3 years warranty. Low running costs Up to a huge 500 posts driven per litre of fuel. Comfortable The hammering action is isolated from the operator via spring cushioned handles. Reliable Internal Components are manufactured from the highest quality precision machined materials to give the longest tool life possible. Works in most inaccessible locations, steep banks and uneven ground



Sheffield S13 9NP
Phone: 01142699119
South Yorkshire

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Post Driver Video - Vineyards

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