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Trollinger (or Schiava and Vernatsch) is a red German/Italian wine grape variety that was likely first originally cultivated in the wine regions of South Tyrol and Trentino, but today is almost exclusively cultivated on steep, sunny locations in the Württemberg wine region of Baden-Württemberg. It is primarily known under the synonyms Trollinger in Germany, Vernatsch in South Tyrol and Schiava in other Italian regions. As a table grape the variety is sometimes known as Black Hamburg, which is commonly confused with the similar synonym for Black Muscat — a variety that is actually a cross of Trollinger and Muscat of Alexandria.

Wine styles: 

The wine produced from the grape is mostly red, though some dark color rosé styles are also produced. In Württemberg, the wine is often slightly sweet with some residual sugar leftover after fermentation is completed. Most wines produced Trollinger are often consumed very young, usually within a year of the vintage date. Italian styles of Schiava tend to be similarly light but are more often dryer and more noticeably acidic



UK Area in production 2015: 


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