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RGH Supplies Ltd

R.G.H Supplies Ltd stock an extensive range of agricultural products and fencing materials (Agricultural to Domestic), Metal & Wooden Gates, Harvest Products, Fuel Tanks, Drainage Products, Agricultural Equipment & Sundries.

General Information

Fence panels, closeboard, timber, metal & security fencing, garden edging, stock fencing, creosote, wood stain, driveway & field gates, silage sheets, water troughs, feed troughs, gate furniture, softwood, hardwood, electric fencing, railway sleepers, concrete, chestnut, plasson, draper tools, irwin tools, 24/7 lighting products, mag flakes, stretch wrap, gloves, equestrian, ring feeders, gripple, netwrap, bailer twine, boots, tools, sheep hurdles, cattle hurdles, deer gates, poly pipe,sheep and cattle minerals, lump rock salt, ground rock salt, road salt, silo seal, sealflex, tanks, carpenters mate

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Rudgwick RH12 3BQ
Phone: 01403 822744
West Sussex

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RGH Supplies Ltd's Nearby POI

RGH Supplies Ltd

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