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Albariño s a variety of white wine grape grown in Galicia(northwest Spain), Monção and Melgaço (northwest Portugal), where it is used to make varietal white wines. Albariño is the Galicianname for the grape; in Portugal it is known as Alvarinho, and sometimes as Cainho Branco


Cainho Branco

UK Area in production 2015: 

1.355 Hectares

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Northernmost Vineyard Growing Albarino in UK & Eire


London Cru Urban Winery

London SW6 1RP
Phone: +44 (0)20 7381 7871
51° 29' 9.9708" N

Largest Vineyard Growing Albarino in UK & Eire

Ancre Hill Vineyard

Monmouth NP25 5HS
Phone: 01600 714 152

Albarino Where?

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