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Pinot gris

Pinot gris

Pinot gris, Pinot grigio or Grauburgunder is a white wine grape variety of the species Vitis vinifera. Thought to be a mutant clone of the Pinot noir variety, it normally has a grayish-blue fruit, accounting for its name but the grapes can have a brownish pink to black and even white appearance. The word pinot supposedly could have been given to it because the grapes grow in small pine cone-shaped clusters. The wines produced from this grape also vary in color from a deep golden yellow to copper and even a light shade of pink, and it is one of the more popular grapes for skin-contact wine.


Pinot grigio

UK Area in production 2015: 


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Northernmost Vineyard Growing Pinot Gris in UK & Eire


Dunesforde vineyard

Dunesforde vineyard York YO26 9RU
North Yorkshire
54° 3' 44.4096" N

Largest Vineyard Growing Pinot Gris in UK & Eire

Rathfinny Estate

Polegate BN26 5TU
Phone: +44 (0)1323 871 031
East Sussex

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