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Solaris is a variety of grape used for white wine. It was created in 1975 at the grape breeding institute in Freiburg, Germany by Norbert Becker

Solaris is an early ripening variety with good resistance against fungal diseases and frost. It gives wines which have fruity and perfumed aromas with hints of banana and hazelnuts, with medium acidity. It is considered to be suitable for dessert wines, as it ripens to high must weights. In cooler climate, with less sugar content, also as a dry wine suitable for fish, shrimps or chicken.

Wine styles: 

Dry white



UK Area in production 2015: 

24.25 Hectares

UK Area in production 2017: 

30.29 Hectares

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Northernmost Vineyard Growing Solaris in UK & Eire


Momentum Vineyard

Leven KY8 6EA
Phone: 01333 360219
56° 13' 8.0616" N

Largest Vineyard Growing Solaris in UK & Eire

Woodchester Valley Vineyard

Woodchester Valley Vineyard Woodchester GL5 5EY
Phone: 07710605558

Solaris Where?