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Dunleavy Vineyards

We are located in the heart of the beautiful Wrington Vale in Somerset, just outside Bristol. Combining passion, sustainable agricultural practices and the latest viticultural techniques, we produce fantastic rosé wine from our Pinot noir and Seyval grapes. We hope to produce a Sparkling rosé in the future.

Dunleavy Vineyards were planted by owner and manager Ingrid Bates. Ingrid has a background in biology and, after a short stint working in the media, began her viticultural career 10 years ago when she took up a job maintaining a local vineyard.


Bristol BS40 5RS
Phone: 07779 085420
South West England


1.00 :


Wine Type: 

Sparkling white
Still rose
Sparkling red


Visit by appointment only
Open to the Public
Cafe Restaurant
Wine Tasting

Grape Varieties: 

Pinot Noir
Seyval Blanc

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Dunleavy Vineyards

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