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D'Urberville Vineyard

Colin Hawkins established the D’Urberville Vineyard near Dorchester in 2011, on part of old Poundbury Farm where his father and grandfather both worked the land before him. His grandfather was acquainted with famous Dorset author Thomas Hardy, hence the name D’Urberville Vineyard. Colin had always dreamt of owning a vineyard. Although it has proved to be a lot of work for a retirement project it is one he is thoroughly enjoying, ably supported by friends, family and the dogs, especially at harvest time!


The Dower House Dorchester DT2 9SL
Phone: 07771 630132
South West England


2.00 :


Wine Type: 

Sparkling white

Grape Varieties: 

Pinot Noir
Pinot Meunier

D'Urberville Vineyard

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