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Hanalei Vineyard

The small vineyard made up of Seyval Blanc grapes has stood on this south facing slope to the side of the house for 80 years though not always harvested. Before we arrived at Hanalei the vines were looked after by enthusiasts associated with another local vineyard. In the time we’ve been here we’ve pruned and harvested the vines ourselves and subbed out the vinification process to the Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire. In 2005 we produced 800 bottles of which 200 were made into sparkling wine. Not a bad reward for a few weekends of honest work!


Llanarth SA47 0QA


0.15 :

Wine Type: 

Sparkling white

Grape Varieties: 

Seyval Blanc

Hanalei Vineyard

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