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Alder Ridge Vineyard

Alder Ridge Vineyard is nestled into the chalky slopes of the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the borders of West Berkshire between Hungerford and Marlborough. An exciting adventure that began in 2009 and now produces internationally award-winning English Sparkling Wine. 


The terroir of their southerly facing land on the vineyard demonstrates many of the key characteristics of the Champagne region, such as it’s chalky substrates, as well as elements of the Loire region with it’s tough flinty topsoil. This made it the ideal location to establish grape varieties that have higher acidity levels and go on to make exceptional sparkling wines.


In 2011 the first 5 acres of vines were planted consisting of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Later in 2013, a further 2 acres of classic Champagne grapes, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Précoce were planted. By growing a variety of grapes to the already established 5 acres it gave them a greater ability to develop the character and flavours of the wines they make. 

After some very careful hand-picking, the grapes are boxed and driven to Hattingley Valley, near Alresford in Hampshire and managed by an award-winning team. Here, traditional methods like those found in the French Champagne houses are used, including the iconic Coquard press, barrel and bottle fermenting.


The vines a tended to by the resident Cobbs farmers, Jayne and Alison, who also manage the rest of the farm. The care given to each individual vine through the year is quite amazing. A mighty effort indeed. 


Alder Ridge like to welcome groups of private bookings (6 or more) to their vineyard between May and September. A tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and is always followed by a tasting of the wine itself. A set-menu dining experience can also be catered for as part of a package.


Wine List:


Fun fact: The vineyard name derived from having to pollard a row of Alders on the Easterly site boundary when they were ready for planting. The iconic Red Kite that features in the branding is seen on a daily basis circling the vineyard. As a species that was only recently re-introduced into the UK, it was a very apt partner to the re-birth of English wine!


Cobbs Farm Shop Hungerford RG17 0SP
Phone: 01488 686 770
South East England


3.20 :


Wine Type: 

Sparkling white


Cafe Restaurant
Shop/Farm Shop
Car Parking

Grape Varieties: 

Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir Précoce
Pinot Meunier

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Alder Ridge Vineyard

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