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Black Mountain Vineyard

Black Mountain Vineyard was established in 2009 when our first vines were planted on a 3 hectare site near the Village of Vowchurch in Hereford.

Our aim is to produce the highest possible quality wine from our site, to acheive this we believe in using methods that our environmentally friendly and allow the character of the grapes to combine with the expression of the site (the soil, the aspect, and the weather!) as well as a little assitance from us where required.

On our vineyard we use no fungicides, insecticides and no weedkillers. We have been using biodynamic and organic fertilizer and sprays. We believe that this will allow our vines to be healthier due to them being able to utilise more natural elements from the soil.


Black Mountain Vineyard Hereford HR2 0RE
Phone: 01497 821375


1.80 :


Wine Type: 

Still white
Sparkling white
Still rose


Visit by apppointment only

Grape Varieties: 

Pinot Noir
Pinot Gris
Pinot Meunier

Black Mountain Vineyard

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