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Our Sparkling Rosé is perfect for summer drinking and fabulous, fun celebrations with it's colour of crushed strawberries and constantly rising small bubbles. On the nose - redcurrants and rose water, with some lees character coming through. The taste is gentle, soft mousse; light, fresh and fruity - red fruits, strawberries and redcurrants; sufficient but not aggressive acidity. A dry finish with good length.

A blend of Orion and Rondo, our sparkling rosé is successfully grown in the Herefordshire climate. A disease resistant grape Orion has a soft balanced acidity and is often used in sparkling wines. Rondo is another reliably ripening grape and is highly resistant to disease. It's dark skin and rich berry flavours create an attractive blush with a delicious fresh taste.


Wythall Estate

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Sparkling rose


£27.00 Per bottle

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