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Leonardslee Sauvignon Blanc 2018

This wine is the happy outcome of its unique terroir and inspired winemaking, displaying typical characteristics of a cool climate coastal Sauvignon Blanc. Elegant and racy it follows in the quality footsteps of its award-winning predecessors. Enjoy its Old World minerality and length with hints of New World fruit and texture on the palate. Notes of guava, tropical fruit, kiwi and citrus are complemented by subtle gooseberry undertones making this a wine that is expressive of its origin and flavours.

Winemaking Notes
This wine was made using reductive processing from crushing to bottling. Crushing was slow and gentle to ensure the grapes cooled sufficiently and to prevent oxidation of the juice. Skin contact of six hours was allowed to reach the desired acidity level. Settling of juice was allowed for 48 hours, followed by careful racking to the fermentation tank. Fermentation was allowed at 16 – 18° C up to 3% alcohol level, to enhance thiol flavour conversion. Thereafter the wine was fermented at 12-13° C to preserve the fruit flavours. Completely tank fermented, this wine spent 60 days on the fermentation lees, which was stirred up once a week to enhance mouth feel.

Growing Conditions
Benguela Cove is one of the most sought-after Sauvignon Blanc terroirs in the Western Cape. The ocean-facing vineyard is situated on the cooler slopes of the property. With such unique terroir characteristics the grapes also have a unique story to tell, which is reacted in the wine. It has always been the view of the winemaker and viticulturist that Sauvignon Blanc is made in the vineyards, this wine being the perfect example. The Leonardslee Sauvignon Blanc 2018 is made from a south and north facing vineyard. These vineyards are situated on the shores of the lagoon which runs down to the cold Atlantic Ocean. The southern slope with its close proximity to the ocean results in a cooler median daytime temperature with cool maritime winds that caress the vineyards from midday, while the northern slopes enjoys more sunlight and therefore result into a component different in style to compliment the south end.

Food Pairing
The Leonardslee Sauvignon Blanc 2018 complements any seafood dish, especially grilled fish, crayfish and calamari. It is a wine that can also be enjoyed with grilled veal, pasta with creamy sauces and pesto. A wonderful companion to any meal, it should be served ice cold.


Benguela Cove

Grape Variety(ies): 

Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Type: 

Still white




£9.50 Per bottle

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