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Rose de Noir 2017

This delicate pink sparkling wine is soft, rich and creamy with a long elegant finish. It is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes hand-picked from our vineyard during September/October 2017.

Produced using the ‘methode champenoise,’ this sparkling wine has been through two fermentations. The second taking place in the bottle where sugar and yeast are added to convert sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide (the bubbles!).

It is pale salmon pink in colour, with hints of peaches and strawberries on the nose. The palate has complex brioche characters with a steely backbone and a long, elegant finish.


Chartham Vineyard

Grape Variety(ies): 

Pinot Noir

Wine Type: 

Sparkling rose




£25.95 Per bottle

Star rating: 

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