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PINOT 2019

The eye catching delicate pink colour is just what we all look for in a rosé these days. The nose offers up a cocktail of fruit blossom, pear drop and strawberry; a combination that could have you sniffing the wine for hours rather than drinking it; but drink it you must because it’s quite delicious. The summery theme continues on the palate with hints of redcurrant, strawberry and raspberry popping up all over the place. On the finish, however, it moves to a slightly more appley note which gives it a really fresh lift. Lovers of both white and rose will enjoy this super wine. The combination of summery flavours and fresh finish make this quite a versatile food wine. I certainly think that lovers of salads with a slight Asian twist should give it a go, shellfish would work well, and if you’re looking for something to match to lighter dishes rich in tomato and herbs, then this could just be it.


Tuffon Hall

Grape Variety(ies): 

Pinot Noir

Wine Type: 

Still rose


£14.00 Per bottle

Star rating: 

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