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ES 4-14 Kandiyohi

ES 4-14 Kandiyohi sugar contents
Berry ripening 2018-2020

    ES 4-14 is a little-known black seeded table grape developed by Elmer Swenson in Minnesota in the mid 20th century, and later named Kandiyohi after a county in the state. The variety is a cross between ES 56 (MN 78 x Cardinal) and the Seibel hybrid Rubilande (S.11803). Originally developed for cold hardiness, Kandiyohi has proven to be a good table grape in the polytunnel here in north-east Scotland. Despite the frequently cool cloudy conditions, it has never been troubled by mildew. The variety is productive, with budburst between 20th-25th April and ripening from late September to early October. Clusters are loose and of variable size (50 - 120 g), berries are large and rounded (1.7 - 5.3 g, 14 - 20 mm diameter).


    Minor issues are that clusters are sometimes poorly-filled in the centre of longer bunches, and that berries separate from stems quite readily on handling which may have implications for transportability and commercial potential. A tendency for protracted flowering has also been noted as illustrated by the 2020 season when flowering occurred in two phases (early June and late June/early July) due to wet weather. Clusters formed during the first flowering phase ripened to 17 degrees Brix, whereas those formed during the second phase reached much lower sugar contents (dashed line on graph). However, this was not a serious problem as the variety is edible above 12 degrees Brix.

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Thursday, November 19, 2020 - 16:15

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