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Aberdeenshire Polytunnel Wine Test

Golubok harvest

The main interest here is growing table grapes, but there are also wine varieties. In 2018, a test was done using the Russian red hybrid, Golubok, and the French-American red hybrid, DeChaunac (Seibel 9549), which were planted in the polytunnel in 2015. No chemical sprays were used on the vines, and no sugar or any preservatives/additives were used during winemaking. The growing season began approximately two weeks late, on account of unusually cold weather in March. Budburst was on the 27th of April for Golubok and the 1st of May for DeChaunac, budburst dates more typical for outdoor trench-grown vines on this site. Flowering was in mid June, and 2.6 kg of grapes were harvested in mid-late October. Golubok was ripe by the 1st of October, reaching 15.5 0Brix. DeChaunac was ripe by the 20th of October, attaining 20 0Brix. The wines were originally intended for immediate consumption, but are still quite drinkable at the time of writing, several months later.

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Sunday, March 17, 2019 - 14:00

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